What to Expect from the Landscape/Snow Contractor

In November of 2020, Walden Woods Conservancy Inc. entered into a three year contact with Butler Landscape Inc. for snow removal and landscape services.

There are two attachments below (Downloads). One attachment is the matrix of services. It describes what is to be done and when it is to be done.

The second attachment is the complete contract. The narrative explains the details of the services to be provided. The pricing has been removed.

Please note that there are certain things which the landscape company does not do. For example, they do not do tree work. They trim shrubs, bushes, and limbs up to 10 feet that interfere with mowing. The Conservancy and the various councils identify tree work that needs to be done and then contract an arborist. The landscape company does not trim brush lines, replant bushes or reseed grass areas (except those areas damaged by snow removal.) The Conservancy and the councils obtain quotes for these extra services.

Inquiries about landscape and snow services are to be directed to Elite Property Management.

Download Butler-Company-Final-Review-1-No-Pri.doc
Download Matrix-From-Contract.pdf