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Welcome to the dedicated page tailored to provide you with council-specific information. Within Walden Woods, our community is organized into five distinct councils, each representing a unique type of housing arrangement. These variations include:
  1. Duplex Council (Condominiums): This council oversees the duplex-style condominium units.
  2. Town Home Council (Condominiums): Responsible for the condominium units designed in a townhome layout.
  3. Woodmoor Council (Lot Units): Overseeing the lot units within Woodmoor, a distinctive housing arrangement.
  4. Village Council (Unit Ownership with Common Element Land): This council is responsible for unit ownership combined with communal land as a common element.
  5. Ridge Council (Unit Ownership with Limited Common Element Land): Governing the unit ownership model with the land serving as a limited common element.

Your selection of council leads you to a wealth of information tailored to your specific housing type, ensuring that you have access to relevant guidelines and resources.

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