Walden Woods Community Information

Our standards committee serves at the appointment of the board of directors to oversee external property changes and standards which protect the value of the homes in our community. There is a process for Additions, Alterations, and Improvements of units. Remember that you must submit a AAI for Additions, Alterations, or Improvements as specified by the Declaration and the Rules before any work begins or fines may be imposed. Other actions may be taken, such as requiring that work be returned to its original state. 


All unit owners are responsible for relaying information to a renter if the unit is being leased. Renters: if you are not receiving information about the pool, rule changes, etc., contact your lessor. If you are renting a unit from the original developer, the Connecticut Windsor Development Sales Center can be reached at (860) 688-3200. 


Residents are reminded that trash and recycle bins are to be stored inside in the Duplex, Town Home, and Village Councils.

Residents have the opportunity to discuss specific issues at Council Meetings or the Conservancy Board Meetings.

Issues regarding performance of the property management company should be discussed with your council director(s) or the Conservancy Board of Directors. See calendar for meeting dates.

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