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The WALDEN WOODS NEWS is no longer being published. What follows is an archive of the newsletters previously published for all homeowners by the Communication Committee. They contained news of recent and upcoming events, homeowner profiles and general information relevant to the entire community. The NEWS was distributed electronically to those homeowners having e-mail and via hardcopy delivery to those who did not.


Fall 2015
Download: Walden_Woods_Newsletter_3Q15_Final.pdf

Spring 2015
Spring Fling, Village Goes Virtual, History of Conservancy Fees, Capital Expenditures and more!

Download: waldenwoodsnewslettermar2015final1.pdf

Winter 2014
List of Elected 2015 Board Members, Annual Meeting Announcement, Pickleball Promo, Holiday Party (Adult's and Kid's) Invitations, Reserve Study Reminder, and an Invitation to a Special Program for Seniors.

Download: waldenwoodsnewsletternov2014word.pdf

Fall 2014 Newsletter
Document Committee Update, Budget Talk, Pool/Tennis Codes, How To Report Problems, Annual Meeting Announcement, Island Landscaping, AAI Process, Ruth Johnson's True Story of Serendipity, Dog and Bike Show Photos

Download: waldenwoodsnewslettersept2014r1.pdf

Summer 2014 Newsletter
June 14 Walden Woods Neighborhood Tag Sale; Community Documents; AAI Requests; Pool Party Photo Gallery

Download: waldenwoodsnewsletter2q14.pdf

News from the Environmental Committee: Coyotes
In an effort to educate the residents of Walden Woods -- particularly, our residents who may have animals -- about the presence and habits of coyotes living in the area, the Environmental Committee encourages the viewing of this video:

March 2014 Newsletter
Save a Tree (Accept Legal e-mail Notices), Who to Call (Elite), Community Garden Meeting, Website Promo, Recreation and Social Committee Update, Women's Bible Study Group

Download: waldenwoodsnewsletter1q14final1.pdf

November 2013 Newsletter
Environmental Committee report on upgrades to the walking trail; Fisher Cat news; Garden Committee report on Harvest Dinner; Social Committee report on Bunco Night and the Dog and Bike Faire, also invitations to Holiday, Movie Night and Souper Bowl Parties.

Download: wwnewsletter11-17-13.pdf

August 2013 Newsletter
Community Garden review, Social Committee report on recent and upcoming events, Documentation Committee report, Environmental Committee report on hiking trail changes, Invitation to Recycling Facility tour, Thanks to diligent dog owners, Thanks to Russo for prompt tree service, Walden Woods Quiz, Invitation to Adult Learning Program (ALP) for seniors, Prompt to attend upcoming Conservancy & Council Meetings.

Download: wwnewsletter8-26-13.pdf

May 2013 Newsletter
Community Garden News, Pool Opening, Memorial Day Party, Annual Tag Sale, Bunco Night, Doo Wop Show, Egg Hunt Review, Earth Day Cleanup Review, Rental Rules

Download: wwnewsletter2013-05.pdf

February 2013 Newsletter
Social Committee Events, Environmental Committee News, Earth Day Preview, Other Committee Announcements, New Board of Directors, Doo Wop Event

Download: wwnewsletter2013-02.pdf

Nov 2012 Newsletter
Check Your Water Bill, Annual Meeting Notice, E-Mailing of Legal Notices, Generator Poisonings, Meeting House Rentals, Garden Committee Sign Up, Social Committee Review, Punography

Download: wwnewsletter2012-11.pdf

July 2012 Newsletter
Tag Sale Update;Ad Hoc Boundaries Committee Progress Report; Social Committee Events and Activities Bring Together the Walden Woods Community; Local Interest Items

Download: wwnewsletter2012-07.pdf

March 2012 Newsletter
Tag Sale, Social & Garden Committees Call for Volunteers; Spring Improvements Require Submission of AIA Forms to Standards Committee; Leash and Clean up After Your Pets, Please; Spring Book Club Picks; Joke Corner

Download: waldenwoods-newslettermarch2012.pdf

December 2011 Newsletter
Annual Meeting Results; Walden Woods Book Club starting up; Holiday Fun

Download: waldenwoods-newsletterdec2011.pdf

Aug 2011 Newsletter
Community Garden Announcement, Meeting House Update, Tag Sale Report, Windsor Food Bank, Changes to Pool Rules, Need for Council Directors, Social Committee Info, Great Pond Village, Need for Committee Volunteers, Day Hill Motocross Track, Various Announcements and a Hurricane Story.

Download: newsletteraug2011.pdf

May 2011 Newsletter
Community Gardening, Appeal for Meeting House Committee Volunteers,Pool Party Announcement, Earth Day Cleanup Report, Pool Repairs, Mailbox Issues, New Community Bench, Egg Hunt Party Report, Tag Sale Announcement, and an Environmental Committee Update

Download: waldenwoods-newslettermay2011.pdf

February 2011 Newsletter
Genevieve Lattimer named new editor; winter happenings at Walden Woods; 2011 events calendar; standards committee feature; Earth Day; Bob's Joke Corner; coverage of recent and upcoming special events for the community

Download: waldenwoods-newsletterfeb2011.pdf

Nov 2010 Newsletter
Appeal for 2011 Volunteers (Including insert identifying Committee Needs), Maintenance Building Update, Annual Homeowners Meeting, 2011 Calendar Availability, Walden Pond Ins/Outs, Pond Platform Update, Autumn Thoughts, Country Walk Development Update, Disappearing "Mountain", Duplex Council Director Change, The Why of Words and Bob's Joke Corner

Download: nov2010newsletter.pdf

Aug 2010 Newsletter
Social Events and Meeting Reminder, Pond Platform Status, Appeal to Tennis Players, Vulture Report, Country Walk Development Status, Speeding and Dog Curbing Warnings,Little Walden Pond Report, Repair of Marshall Phelps Stone Wall, Appeal for Meeting House and Social Committee Volunteers, Senior Dress Code and Antarctica Trivia

Download: aug10newsletter.pdf

May 2010 Newsletter
Fishing on Walden Pond, Decking?, E-Mail Advice, Council Director Replacements, Maintenance Building Update, Earth Day Cleanup Report, Recycling News, Appeal for Sappling Transplanting Help, and Cucumber Magic.

Download: may2010newsletter.pdf

Feb 2010 Newsletter
Announcement of New Directors, CWD Construction Update, Special Event Schedule, Walden Pond Beaver Report, Maintenance Report on Stone Walls and Vinyl Fences, Update on Construction of a Community Maintenance Building, Zocco's Pasta Night Report, and an Ode to Fireplace Wood

Also includes copies of Social Committee's Special Event Schedule and the Board of Directors/Property Management Information Sheet.

Download: 2010_board_of_directors--property_management_info.doc
Download: feb_2010_newsletter.pdf
Download: social_event_schedule_2010.doc

The newsletter was not published between February 2009 and February 2010.

Dec '08 - Feb '09 Newsletter
Coyote Alert, 2009 Budget Review, New Names for Residents, 2009 Social Event Schedule, Note to Russo Landscaping, Beth Goulet Profile, Problems on the Knoll, Conservancy Board Agenda re Scoff-Laws, Political Wit and Observations, and Appeals for Social, Welcome and Meeting House Committee Volunteers.

Also includes copies of the 2009 Budget Breakdown and Committee Descriptions/Contact Info.

Download: 2009_committees.doc
Download: budget_breakdown_by_unit_2009.xls
Download: feb_09_newsletter.pdf

Oct-Nov '08 Newsletter
Holiday Party, 2009 Calendar, Food Drive, Budget Process, Rental Warning, Little Walden Pond Update, Ballfield Update, Parking Ban/Holiday Decorating Rules, Board Meeting Invitation, Annual Homeowner Meeting, Oktoberfest Report, Walden Woods Greening Advice, and a Personality Test

Download: 0811_newsletter.doc
Download: food_drive_rev.doc

Aug-Sept '08 Newsletter
Three New Directors, Tag Sale Reminder, Speeders Beware, Big Pond Environmental Corrections, Pride of Walden Woods, Capital Improvement Project Status Report, Movie Night Report, Caution to Parents, and Walden Woods Greening. Also Ballfield Survey and Oktoberfest Promo Inserts.

Download: ballfield_survey.doc
Download: oktoberfest_i.doc
Download: sept_08_newsletter.pdf

June-July '08 Newsletter
Village and Townhome Council Board Vacancies, Centenarian Katherine Gloster, Rules for Leasing a Home, Walden Woods Green, BBQ Party Report, Movie Night Announcement, Tag Sale Announcement, Gossip Column, Poolside News, and Signs of the Times

Download: july_08_newsletter.pdf

April-May '08 Newsletter
Pool Resurfacing and '08 Opening, Memorial Day Party Announcemnt, Speed Warning, Stone Wall Problem, Big Pond Improvements, Earth Day Cleanup Review, Ball Field Upgrade, Tax Referendum Reminder, Kite Flying and Movie Night Announcments, Belated Tax Advice, No OPen board Meeting in May, and Intro to the Green Corner feature.

Download: may_08_newsletter.pdf

Feb-March '08 Newsletter
Movie Event Approved, Special Assessment Reminder for Villagers, Mailbox Responsibilities, Budget Breakdown and Analysis, Appeal for Pool Attendant, Irish Joke, Professional Stdies, Speeding Warning, Newsletter Help Appeal, Worst Joke Contender, New Orleans Worth Visiting, Recycling the Right Way and Great Egg Hunt Reminder

Download: budget_breakdown_by_unit_2008.xls
Download: egg_hunt_08_flyer.doc
Download: mar_08_newsletter.pdf

Dec '07-Jan '08 Newsletter
Message to Volunteers from Giampolo, Annual Reminder about Winter Parking and Decorations, Expanded Social Plans for '08, A Look Back to '07 Events, Holiday Party Report, Environmental Committee Report, Duplex/Townhome Council Meeting Announcement, Welcome Committee News, Care Giving Appeal from Giampolo, Snowman Crisis, Meeting House Appeal for Help, and the Gossip Column

Download: dec-jan_08_newsletter.pdf

Oct-Nov '07 Newsletter
Budget Preparation Announcement, Annual Homeowners Meeting Announcement, Halloween Report, Shutter Matter, Request to Remove Mailbox Spillovers, New Townhome Council Director, Village Assessment, Tree Plantings, Service Provider Database Idea, Wine Tasting Report and A Thanksgiving Message

Download: oct-nov_07_newsletter.pdf

Sept '07 Newsletter
Announcement of Change to Bi-Monthly Publication, God's Thoughts on Lawns, Henderson's 70th Anniversary, Duplex Council Meeting Schedule, Need for Townhome Council Director, Restaurant Review, Appeal for Welcome Committee Help, Classics Test and Editorial about Signs

Download: sept_07_newsletter.pdf

Aug '07 Newsletter
Black Bear Report, 2nd Request for Newsletter Response, Editorial on Volunteerism, Truisms, Environmental Update, Amenity Update, Tag Sale Report, and the Gossip Column

Download: aug_07_newsletter.pdf

July '07 Newsletter
Newsletter Survey, Tag Sale Reminder, Meeting House Siding Update, Ball Field Status, Swimming Pool Stats for June, Tennis Court Enhancements, Walk Walden Woods Report, Wine Tasting Party Announcement, Golf Outing Cancellation Notice, Feng Restaurant Review, Village Council Special Assessment Notice, and New Village Council Director Announcement

Download: july_07_newsletter.pdf

June '07 Newsletter
Report on Tree Cutting, Appeal for Townhome Council Director, Need for Standards Committee Function, Restaurant Review, Village Budget Issue, Walk Walden Woods and Tag Sale Announcements, Pool Party Report and Advice on What To Do with Grass Clippings

Download: june_07_newsletter.pdf

May '07 Newsletter
Pool Party Announcment, Attendant Position Filled, Tag Sale Announcement, Village Board Vacancy, Golf Outing Status, Earth Day Report, Using Our Amenities, Editorial on Need for Volunteers, and Meeting House Siding Delay

Download: may_07_newsletter.pdf

April '07 Newsletter
Earth Day Cleanup Announcement, Capital Improvement Status Summary, Welcome Committee Meetings for Country Walk Influx, Appeal for Pool Attendants, Report on Snow Plow Damage, Tax Review, Social Committee Activities, Hiking Trail Report, Egg Hunt Report and Words of Wisdom.

Download: apr_07_newsletter.pdf

Mar '07 Newsletter
Obsolesence of Country Walk, Appeal for Townhome Director, Meeting House Facelift, High School Similies and Metaphors, Egg Hunt Invitation, Tag Sale Announcement, Walkathon Announcement, and the Gossip Column

Download: mar_07_newsletter.pdf

Feb '07 Newsletter
2007 Budget Breakdown by Unit, SAT for Dummies (chapter 3), Capital Improvement Projects List, Gossip Column, and Ponderisms

Download: feb_07_newsletter.pdf

Jan '07 Newsletter
New Board Directors, Dish Antenna Approval, Thanks to Three Volunteers, Word Play, 2006 in Review, Committee Realignment and Gossip Column

Download: jan_07_newsletter.pdf

Dec '06 Newsletter
Annual Homeowners Meeting Announcement, New Signs, Report on Vandals, Village Fence Replacement List, Ball Field Update, New AAI Process, Walden Pond Update, Holiday Party Report, New Industrial Site Neighbors, and the Worst Joke of the Year

Download: dec_06_newsletter.pdf

Nov '06 Newsletter
Annual Parking and Holiday Decorating Rules Reminder, 2007 Budget Presentation, Wine Tasting Party Report, Holiday Party Notice, Appeal for Council Director Volunteers, First Duplex Council Director, Notice Operandi Q&A, Walkathon Cancelation, and Gossip Column

Download: nov_06_newsletter.pdf

Oct '06 Newsletter
Praise for Environmental/Pond Committee, Rec Field Progress, Why Men are Happier, Invitation to Duplex Homeowners, Walkathon Announcement, 2006 Reserve Spending Report, 2007 Golf Outing Announcement, Wine Tasting Reminder, Holiday Party Announcement

Download: oct_06_newsletter.pdf

Sept '06 Newsletter
Request for input to 2007 Budget, Tag Sale report, Request for Volunteers, Gossip Column, Golf Outing report, Ballfield Problems, Baseball Outing report, a look at life 100 years ago, and Wine Tasting Party Invitation

Download: sept_06_newsletter.pdf
Download: wine_tasting_party.doc

Aug '06 Newsletter
Meeting House Rules Changed, Village Council Assessment Idea Dropped, The Great Dog Poop Debate, Tag Sale Promo, Saga of Walden Pond, Wine Tasting Party Officially On,Pool Count, and Golf Outing's Final Reminder

Download: aug06newsletter.pdf
Download: tagsalemap.doc

July '06 Newsletter
Use of new baseball field, Rock Cats baseball outing, Swimming Pool usage stats, Pillsbury Doughboy eulogy, Tag Sale reminder, Pond Maintenance update, Appeal for Help to Ridge homeowners, Village Council meeting announcement, Warning to Hikers, Golf Outing reminder, and Wine Tasting Party reminder.

Download: jul06newsletter.pdf

June '06 Newsletter
Sikora's message re change in Conservancy Board Meeting format, Coyote Caution, Parcel C Progress Report, Standards Committee Plea for Help on Ridge, Wine Tasting Party Inquiry, Golf Outing Reservations Announcement, Tag Sale Reservation Announcement, Pool Party Report and Photos, Pool Attendants, and Gossip Column.

Download: june06newsletter.pdf

May '06 Newsletter
Pool Party Announcement, Pool Attendant Solicitation, About Our Environment (saving the pond), Church Bulletins, Country Walk News (developer's conflict with town re Common Reed removal and issuance of Certificate of Occupancy), Pending Board Decisions, Complaint Against Unisource, Tag Sale Announcement, CPR Class, Start of New Recreation Area Construction, and Entrance Sign Facelift.

Download: may06newsletter.pdf

April '06 Newsletter
Swimming Pool Opening, Derby Day Party, Tag Sale Rumor, Winter Holiday Party Scheule Change, Golf Outing Announcement, Country Walk Update, Certificate of Incorporation Approval, Landscaping Plan change, CPR Class Change, Town News, Vernal Pool Description, Egg Hunt Party Report, Internet Connections, and Typoglycemia

Download: apr06newsletter.pdf
Download: derby_tickets.doc

Mar '06 Newsletter
Egg Hunt Invitation, Knollwood Street Signs Installed, SAT for Dummies Redux, CPR Course Invitation, Fencing Scheduled, Golf Outing Invitation, Country Walk Update, Pool Area Improvements, and a Word from Joe (three most popular complaints)

Download: egghuntparty06.doc
Download: mar06newsletter.pdf

Feb '06 Newsletter
Word from President Sikora (Country Walk update), Springtime Parties Planned, Updated Rules Ready, Landscaping Improvement Projects, Newcomers Welcomed, Walden Pond Saved Again, Speed Warning and Certificate of Incorporation Notice

Download: feb06newsletter.pdf

Jan '06 Newsletter
Words from Pres. Sikora (a look forward), 2005 in Review, Board Resolutions re Long Range Plan and Reserve Funding, New Board of Directors, Johnson Trail Opens (map included)

Download: hikingtrailmap.doc
Download: jan06newsletter.pdf

Dec 05 Newsletter
2006 Budget Passed, Reindeer Myth, Wintertime Reminders, Insurance Reminder, Knoll Street Signs Ordered, SAT for Dummies, Holiday Party Report, and Holiday Posers

Download: dec05newsletter.pdf

Nov 05 Newsletter
Budget Preparation Scheduled, 20 Year Plan Impact, Resale Packet Reminder, Winter Parking/Decorations Reminder, Appeal for Volunteers - Again, Warning to Dog Owners, and Holiday Party Invitation

Download: nov05newsletter.pdf

Oct 05 Newsletter
Search for New Blood, Village Council Costs/Benefits, Residents Honored by Town, Tea Party Invitation, 20 Year Plan Presentation, 1st Letters to the Editor, Book Swapping Announcment, and Mr. Manners

Download: oct_05_newsletter.pdf

Sept 05 Newsletter
Elite Mgmnt Rep Change, Knoll Fence Replacement Strategy, Passage of Bylaws, Tribute to Stds Committee (editorial), Street Signs for Knoll, Resumption of Game Night, Tag Sale Photos, Personal Announcement Offer, and Meet Karen Machamer.

Download: sep05newsletter.pdf

Aug 05 Newsletter
Tag Sale,Raj Barman Resignation, Search for Interest Groups, Book Swaps, Request for Courtesy, Summertime Hints for Fighting Insects and Meet the Fernandez Family

Download: aug05newsletter.pdf

July 05 Newsletter
New Declaration Approved, Reporting Landscaping Issues, Conservancy Fee Analysis, Pool Regulations, and Meet the Cardascias

Download: jul05newsletter.pdf

June 05 Newsletter
Fence Replacment Options, Pond Condition Update, Landscaping Upgrade, Pool Party Report, and Meet the Ellises

Download: jun05newsletter.pdf

May 05 Newsletter
Declaration Changes, Earth Day Cleanup Report, Tennis Court Amendment Passage, Memorial Day Party Announcement,and Meet the Atwaters

Download: 0505newsletter.pdf

April 05 Newsletter
Homeowner Meeting on Tennis Court Amendment, Website Announcement, New Treasurer, Spring Social and Egg Hunt Party, Earth Day Cleanup and Meet the Lennons

Download: 0504newsletter.doc

Mar 05 Newsletter
Elite Management Duties, Tennis Amendment Delay, Board Resolution, Pond Update, and Meet Pat Tanner

Download: 0503newsletter.doc

Feb 05 Newsletter
Declaration Amendment Petition, First Game Night, Country Walk, and Meet the Joneses

Download: 0502newsletter.doc

Jan 05 Newsletter
2004 Review, Budget Q and A, Meet the Holbrooks

Download: jan05newsletter.pdf

Dec 04 Newsletter
2005 Budget Process, Parcel C Amenities Resolution, Snow Removal Process, and Meet the Picards

Download: dec04newsletter.pdf

Nov 04 Newsletter
Budget Workshop, Welcome Committee, Other Committee News, Website Approval, and Meet Don Henderson

Download: nov04newsletter.pdf

Oct 04 Newsletter
Pond Cleanup, Recreation Survey, Committee Reports, and Meet Shirley Freeman

Download: oct04newsletter.pdf

Sep 04 Newsletter
Declaration Changes, Pierce Blvd Traffic, Attorney Change, Fences and Walls, Welcome Wagon, and Meet the Bobbits

Download: sep04newsletter.pdf

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